Life Plan

I have always had a plan.
I have always known what I wanted to be.
Now I’m starting to see
my plan might not be for me.

At 5 years old I wanted to be a ballerina.
I’d fly across the stage, powerful, poised to prance.
I’d have the grace if a swan with perfect stance.
My plan might not be for me.

When I was 7 I got into science.
I couldn’t resist the tempt of space.
It’s so vast, yet so close; an unknown place.
My plan might not be for me.

Of course my interests have changed,
as I’ve matured and I’ve learned.
Though, space is still interesting as far as I’m concerned.
My plan is changing, you see

It’s now the time to chose my life’s direction.
Around the corner are career and college selection,
But I’m still that ten year old who wanted to work in a biomedical lab,
And that thirteen year old writer with readers’ imaginations to grab

I know that change in my future is key,
But frankly I hope to retain what’s truly me